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WHATSENDER (WSTOOL) is a FREE software designed to send bulk WhatsApp messages directly from PC in a simple and effective way.

WSTOOL is an “automation” software: it allows you to simulate manual operations made on your PC and to automate them to helps you to perform repetitive actions

WSTool uses ChromeDriver technology to automate operations on the Chrome browser and send messages (one by one) through Whatsapp Web. It adds also useful features to do WhatsApp Marketing and send Whatsapp messages to multiple users. Here are the reasons why you should use WSTOOL to contact all your friends / relatives or potential customers:

  1. Create and send customized messages (with the name of the recipient or other “variables”) directly from your PC
  2. Import contacts either manually or from file (XLS / XLSX, CSV or TXT)
  3. Send Whatsapp messages to contacts even if they are not saved in your address book
  4. Multi Account to send messages from different accounts
  5. Ability to see the report of the campaign (from LOG section)
  6. Possibility to schedule the sending and set a delay between the messages (read also this tips)
  7. Create and send WA messages with photos and videos
  8. Check WhatsApp and non-WhatsApp phone numbers (numbers filter feature)

Download and install now the FREE version of WSTool from the following link:

If you have a macOS computer try WhatsApp Sender for Mac

NOTE: The limitation of free version is the inability to import contacts from files or to copy and paste them in batch mode.
This tool allows you to communicate with recipients that expect receive your messages (Eg. Cliients , students , patients , etc..), and it’s not a spam tool, so we are not responsible if you got banned

If before installation you see the SmartScreen window, click on More Info –> Run AnyWay button to go on:

Immediately after installation you will see the following main screen:

Select the desired language (arabic, english, espanola, francais, porugues, italian) clicking on TOOLS menu and then LANGUAGE, as shown in the image below:


  1. How WSTOOL works

  2. Advanced Features

  3. Video Tutorial

  4. Tips Anti-Ban


STEP 1. Import or add your contacts

Click on the upper left on IMPORT to import ALL your contacts (recipients of the message you want to send). You have two way to add your contacts (import from file or manual import)

If you click “Import from file” it will open a new window where you can select and import contacts from EXCELCSV or TXT file. In these files you can have a column with the phone number or two column with name and number (eg. Name, number).  You can also have more columnes with name, number and other variables.

If you import contacts with name, numbers and variables you will be able to create custom messages with “parts of the message” taken automatically from the imported file.

If you want import a file with multiple variables, this is an example of the format of the txt or csv file to use:

As you can see, all fields must be separated by “;”

Example of using Variables in Messages:

For example, you can create a file in this format to send a reminder of an appoitment to your clients (the variable will be the day of the week):
John; +189299382800; Monday
Mik; +189229367824; Thuesday
Then in the message you can use the [Var1] tag to retrieve the day of the appointment.   See image:


If you click on Manual Import it will open a window where you can add manually your contacts and enter name and mobile number (or mobile numbers only).

Note: In the FREE version you will be allowed to import contacts manually only and the “copy and paste” option is disabled. With the maual import you are also not allowed to add multiple variables (you can add name and numbers, or numbers only).

Once you add contacts click on IMPORT.

STEP 2. Create the Message to send

Now you can start typing the message to send to your contacts (from the central section of the program).

Over the message window there is a link to add Emoji and there are links to automatically add the name and other “variables” on the message.

There is also a “SpinTax” link: it will allow you to set an array of words with the same meaning or synonyms (e.g Hello, Hi, Hey) and when you send the message, the program randomly will use them. In this way you automatically will send different messages and you will reduce the risk of “ban”.

You can also select a file to attach (photo, images, documents or video file) and send with the message. NOTE: The file size attached should be less than 10MB to be sent without problems.

STEP 3. Send the message

When all contacts are loaded and the message is ready, just click on SEND button below.

After clicking on SEND button, it will open this window:

You can send from new fresh session (after login) or send from a saved whatsapp account (do not require login). You can also send messages from multiple WhatsApp account in “rotation” (e.g 20 messages per account).

If you choose to send from “new fresh session“, click on SEND NOW button and WSTool automatically will open on Google Chrome and you will see a QR code. Scan this QR code with the scanner within WhatsApp. To do so, open WhatsApp on your phone and go to Settings – > LINKED DEVICES

So, scan the QR Code on your computer screen from your phone. Soon after, the Whatsapp message will be sent to all recipients!

If you choose to send the message from an account saved in the program, the “Scheduler” button will also be activated at the bottom, which allows you to schedule the sending at a certain date and time (feature available in PRO version only)

To add all your whatsapp account you just need to click on ACCOUNTS on the top menu bar (this feature is available in PRO version only!)

Other Features/Settings

WSTool has a very simple and intuitive user interface where all the tools are at your fingertips:

In addition to the basic functions already analyzed such as importing contacts and creating a personalized message, there are other interesting advanced features and settings in the program.

CONTACT GRABBER: this feature will allow you to grab all contacts from a selected whatsapp group. Just Open Whatsapp, scan the QR code from your phone, select the group and WSTool will extract all contacts. All contacts will be listed on the “contact grabber” window as you can see from image below.

SETTINGS: If you click on “Advanced sending Settings” on “Settings” button it will open a windows where you will find advanced send option that initiate dialog after “x” amount of messages to avoid blocking. You just have to set your familiar Whatsapp accounts and some message dictionary (random message that will be sent to your familiar accounts).
NOTE: Put the numbers with country code but without 00” or “+” in the prefix. If your country code is +91, you have to put a number like this: “917289928980″  (without “+” and without “00”)


FAST MODE: this is a new way to send messages via Wapi. To enable it you have to flag the checkbox in the bottom of the main window of the program.

If your messages are not correctly sent to your recipients, go in Settings and change the method in the Fast mode section, and retry to send.

If all methods fails to send messages, you have to disable the “Fast Mode” option in the program.


NUMBERS FILTER: this feature will allow you to know, given a list of phone numbers, those that are associated with a Whatsapp account and those that are not Whatsapp. Once the function is open, you must load all phone numbers (or use the number generation function) and then click on START FILTERING

NOTE: Put the numbers with country code but without 00” or “+” in the prefix. If your country code is +91, you have to put a number like this: “917289928980″  (without “+” and without “00”)

The software will check all numbers to know that are “Whatsapp” and “NonWhatsapp” accounts.


#4. Other Tips (anti-ban)

Please note that WSTOOL is designed to help you to communicate with recipients that expect receive your messages (Eg. Clients , students , patients , etc..), and it’s not a spam tool, so we are not responsible if you got banned. Whatsapp can ban your account if some recipients report your message as “spam”. If you are using WSTool to send a lot of messages and you want to protect your whatsapp account we give the following advices.

1. If possibile, do not use your personal account
2. If you are using a “new whatsapp account”, Just try to use it for few days sending and receiving and after sending bulk from it. In this way you will give some “reputation” to the account and avoid immediate ban.
3. Send account number (that you want use it to send bulk) as vcard from your personal account with friends and family ask them to save it and to message you on it. Also set a profile picture and name in your account.
4. When you start send bulk from new account start with small bulks
5. Try to write message in a way that recipient do not report it as spam (this is the most critical issue with new accounts)
6. Try to use Multi-Message option on the application, which allow you to write same message in different way
7. Use SpinTax feature to to set an array of words with the same meaning (the program randomly will use them)
8. Use anti block module application in Settings (add your numbers and your friends number that you usually chat with them and set initiate dialog with them after x amount of messages)
9. Give your account more credibility and reputation by joining groups
10. From Settings, in WSTOOL, set a small delay between messages
11. Use the multi-account feature in WSTOOL to add more than one whatsapp account and send messages in “rotation” (e.g 50 or 100 message per account per day)
12. Disable “Fast mode” option if it is enabled
13. Don’t use Filter feature to filter many numbers (more than 5-10k per day)
If your number is banner for the first time, it should be automatically unbanned in 1-48 hours.

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